What Can Lead to Fear of Roaches?

What can lead to a fear of roaches?

There are lots of bugs in this world, but the ones I hate the most are roaches!  Some people have a fear of roaches and some people don’t.  I know that I for one hate them pesky little roaches and things that help cause my fear of them are damp or dirty rooms,  dishes that sit around in a teenager’s room.  I always tell me son keep them dishes out of your room! We live in Alabama and just because of living here I have that fear of having roaches in my house.  They fly here and it’s crazy around fall one of the things that freaked me out the most is that the roaches are actually outside on the ground under the fallen leaves.  You can literally sit and watch them move around.  I seriously hate going outside during this time of the season because of the roaches.   A friend of mine has them, like a lot of people here.  Thankfully I have been lucky.  Anyways he has lived in the house for years and suddenly it was like he was bombarded with an insane amount of them.    I am scared to even go to their house now, I am so freaked out about one getting on me, dropping off the ceiling or just getting into a drink I have.  I just cannot help it they leave me with an odious feeling.  My mom laughs at me because I have such a fear of them. 

I told her mom, why do I have this fear of roaches? Cause they are everywhere here, they love wood so they hide in wooden items and are sneaky little pests and come running out at anytime.  I just cannot imagine having them in my house.  My mom said she’s gonna get me a fear of roaches shirt if I continue being a chicken.  I say “hey, I don’t have to like them, I can be scared of them if I want too.”  I mean think about that scenario, it’s a scary thought if you have a few dishes in your sink over night,  a glass of some soda on the table, the kids dropping crumbs.  I stay on top of everything for fear they will come in my home otherwise the inevitable! 

What’s your take on roaches? Do they scare you? I know they are gross too! 


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  1. Sharon Phillips says

    You are so crazy girl. I am going to buy a bunch of fake ones and hide them around your house. Maybe you will lose that fear of them then. If you catch them when they first come in you can stay on top of it. I fight with them off and on thru the summer. Long as they stay out of my house I am good.

  2. Perri says

    I hate them too Marie. They are the most vile creatures ever. I am constantly trying to keep my house clean to prevent them from coming inside my house. I also try to keep roach killer around the outside of my house to deter them from coming inside.

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