Last Meal At McDonald’s Anyways! @McDonalds

Last Meal Here Anyways! 

UPDATE: I want to also include that I didn’t eat my burger right away and I noticed something on it.  This burger had either worms in the meat or freaking bug legs!  I’m so Pissed off now.  As soon as we get moved I’ll upload photos I took tonight of my food.  I’m really, really mad now!  Initially my problem was ketchup, then when I opened my burger I found something worse!  I still have the burger in the fridge.   I also want to add I have spent the last 4 days very, very sick.  Vomiting, diarrhea, headache and just plain sick feeling not being able to do much.  

PHOTOS of the McDonalds Food! 

We RARELY eat out at fast food at all, but since we were in the middle of the move this was a decision we made at the last minute and McDonald’s is far from one of my favorites.  

So we are in the process of a move as it states all over our blog.  Yes, I packed our ketchup and mustard and I guess I just thought since he was going to get us McDonald’s which is not my favorite anyways.  They go and rip us off on ketchup and act as if its gold!  Even going as far as telling the hubby that if they gave him more ketchup it’d be like giving away money.  

As you can clearly see in the photo the burger BARELY has any ketchup and you can’t even hardly see the mustard either.  With this we ordered several burgers and their largest sized fries.  For us and others here and we needed freaking ketchup cause this Daleville, AL on Daleville Ave so my husband had to go to the Dollar General for ketchup after getting our food.  That to me was total bullshit!  By the time he got here our food was cold, do they not think that a lot of people might drive a good distance to get to the nearest restaurant such as their chain.   Giving us 5 or 6 more packs of ketchup was too much for all them Way Over Salted Stale Cold Fries!  It just really irks me, I mean are these the places they are talking about raising the pay for?  Well I sure hope not because with them attitudes they have now, why the hell would anyone pay them more.  I’d make em earn it! Those who don’t get complaints and keep a great attitude sure.  


I will not be going to this McDonald’s or any other really, I see too much stuff online about their food.  I figured What the Hay lets go for it.  My BAD!  In the end we have another unneeded bottle of ketchup, cold food and annoyed by rude, greedy fast food people!  So all in all my experience with this restaurant wasn’t good and I do not recommend them.  I mean if they are too greedy to give you  ketchup, then do they really need your money?

IMG_20140228_202816[1]This was my double cheeseburger I picked off the over sized yucky pickle off and there was barely any ketchup and mustard on it.  I didn’t open everyones burgers and photograph as I let the others open their own and do as they please.   I normally try to find the good in something that isn’t the best, but with all that we are doing and going through right now I just couldn’t.  I got so annoyed! 

I Will Never Eat at McDonald’s again! 



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  1. Chubskulit Rose says

    Ewwwww, glad we don’t go at McDonald’s anymore. You should have brought that back so they’ll see it. That’s disgusting! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Jhady says

    Yuck!! My kids loves to eat there but I always tells them their food is not healthy. After seeing this I will not buy burger from them. Didn’t like their food anyway, too dry

  3. Adin Blankenship says

    I am so sorry about that mommy. I hear you and I know why you don’t want to support McDonald’s at all. Because we don’t. I mean, I think we’ve only been to McDonald’s like twice my entire years in the US. We don’t like this chain and we don’t like how dirty their places are. I mean they are poorly managed and the last time we decided to give it another try, this lady was on the counter, with her bare hands working on the ice machine. And mind you, I only ordered water with ice and when I saw her working with the ice with her barehands, I nearly puked. The food was horrible, it was not good at all. YUCK! MAJOR YUCK! The other time we went in was like years ago because we were just curious and the place was dirrrrrty! And there was a teenager coughing her way without covering her mouth. Ahhhhh… it was just disgusting. That is why we rarely go out to eat because we are afraid of the risk when eating out. But of course, when you are moving, you don’t have time to cook. So what we usually do is go to a Deli Store or Walmart and buy things that we can make our own sandwich instead. I hope you are settling in okay in your new house. We are moving too, soon!

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